Coronavirus Closure-updated 4/13/2020

Apr 13 2020

Hello FitLife 24/7 Members,


We can't wait to see you again! While Fitlife 24/7 is temporarily closed, we remain committed to you and your fitness journey.

We hope that Fitlife 24/7 will be able to reopen on May 20th (as this mandate can be earlier modified or terminated at any time!). We will also e-mail you with any news of reopening date

Your membership billing has been frozen until we have a re-opening date.

We will be using this time to continue our cleaning efforts in anticipation of re-opening in order to provide a safe, healthy and welcoming environment to our members and staff.

Fitlife24/7 At Home Workouts!  FitLife 24/7 will be posting positive and motivation posts, at home workouts, and live workouts on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

How Can You Contact Us: If you need to contact us You can email us at or call/text us at (860) 919-8330.

Please help vote Fitlife 24/7 the best gym in 2020!! Voting Dates: April 16th - April 26th. Cast your vote daily for us as the Best Fitness Center/Gym by clicking this link:…/…/…


See You Soon!!

Mike, Tina, Barbara, Kristie and Gary

Stay active, healthy, and stay home!!