Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor

May 4 2023

Fitlife 24/7 is Hosting A Spinning Certification on 

May 13, 2023


Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor

with the creators of indoor cycling and the world’s most recognized certification program.

  • Learn how to lead your own class in any of the 35,000 Spinning® facilities worldwide.
  • Complete the 8-hour live course in one day.
  • Choose from 3 certifications based on your experience and interests.

Spinning® Instructor Certification
Who is it for?

Spinning® Instructor Certification is the original certification course. It prepares you to lead classes with all the essential knowledge, such as bike setup and safety, form and technique, intensity zones and interval training, cueing for performance, motivation, and creating classes and playlists.

This is ideal for you if:

  • You love taking classes, and you want to learn how to get better on the bike and maybe even teach someday.
  • You’re just starting out and have never taught Spinning® or any other indoor cycling classes before.
  • You taught indoor cycling before, but want to earn the official Spinning® certification.
  • Sign up at