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If you have a strong work ethic and would like to become a valued member of the FitLife 24/7 team, then look no further. FitLife 24/7 is the place to be! Fill out our online application and send us your resume, we'd love to hear from you. 

Please make sure your resume includes your Education, Employment Experience, Personal Training Certifications, CPR/1st Aid Certification, Skills, Important Extra-Curricular Activities and/or Any Specialized Training related to position applied for and References. *Please email resume to in a serparate email with your name as the subject title.

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This certifies that this application was completed by me, and that all entries on it, and information in it, are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that, if hired, any misrepresentation of information on this application is cause for immediate dismissal. I authorized this company to investigate my background to ascertain all information of concern to my employment whether same is of record or not, and release those providing such information from all liability for any damages resulting from furnishings this information. Further, I understand that I may be asked to demonstrate my ability to perform the essential functions necessary to the position applied for, and if offered employment, that it may be conditioned on results of a physical examination and controlled substances and alcohol misuse test.